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Hep2o factory tour
Plumberparts and Top Plumbing Influencers Visit Hep2O

Hep2O gave James Lawrence of and other top plumbing influencers exclusive behind-the-scenes access to its UK HQ in Doncaster.

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Osma kitemark thumbnail
What are British Standards?

British Standard refers to the specification of recommended procedure, quality of output, terminology and other details, in a particular field making a product, managing a process, delivering a service or supplying materials. This [...]

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Q-Bic Plus maintenance
Sewers for Adoption 8th Edition: Q-Bic Plus modular stormwater management system is adoptable!

Wavin’s Q-Bic Plus flexible stormwater management system fits perfectly with the new Sewers for Adoption 8th edition guidance which is expected to be implemented in mid 2019. This guidance, for the first time, includes standards for [...]

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How green is plastic pipe?

There are growing concerns about plastic pollution and single use plastics choking the world’s oceans. Plastic has become public enemy number one with public and environmental organisations calling for governments to legislate [...]

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