All you need to know about Wavin Hep2O’s New Chrome Upstand

applying nut to chrome upstand

Style is an important part of the home today, and stylish finishing touches are the perfect way to top off any project. Central heating systems and style are not usually considered in the same wave of thinking but Wavin Hep2O’s new chrome upstand could change just that. These chrome plated upstands designed for connection to all standard radiator valves and any Hep2O hot and cold plumbing systems, are the perfect addition for someone to add a subtle touch of modernity to their central heating system or radiator fitting.

What are the dimensions of the upstand?


The pipe extensions are supplied in a standard length of 600mm with grooves on each side which are compatible with the Hep2O push fit plumbing systems. If the desired length of pipe extension is less than 600mm long, a standard pipe cutter can be used to easily cut to the required length for the fitting.

How do the pipe extensions fit standard radiator valves and Hep2O hot and cold plumbing system products?


chrome upstand connecting to Hep2O

A unique aspect of the chrome plated pipe extension is its ability to fit into both Hep2O products and standard radiator valves. As previously mentioned, the upstand comes with two grooves at either end which allow for connection to any 15mm Hep2O hot or cold plumbing systems.

However, these two grooves will not allow for connection to a standard radiator valve. Using the same process of getting the desired length for the upstand, a pipe cutter can be used to create a plain end of the pipe which has universal connection to all standard radiator valves- allowing for an easy smooth process when installing.

What are the benefits of choosing Wavin Hep2O’s chrome upstand for your central heating system or radiator fitting?


  • A contemporary and fashionable addition to central heating systems or radiatorschrome upstand used on radiator
  • No discolouration or rusting as could be expected on copper tails
  • Universal connection to all standard radiator valves
  • Compatible with Hep2O 15mm connection fittings
  • Multi-usage for projects like free standing baths or towel heaters
  • Required length for the pipe extension is easily accessible with a simple cut using a standard pipe cutter


How do you fit Wavin Hep2O’s chrome upstand?


Our easy to follow, step-by-step guide YouTube video provides you with all the required information for an easy installation: