CIRIA’s revised SuDS manual – Driving industry best practice forward

CIRIA’s comprehensive revision to the SuDS manual has produced an important and improved document which reinforces the credibility of the industry ‘bible’ for delivering SuDS installations in a timely way to drive best practice in future.

As a leading provider of water management solutions for SuDS schemes, we have welcomed the launch of the new SuDS manual by CIRIA, which has been comprehensively rewritten to clarify how SuDS can deliver multiple sustainability benefits as well as manage local flood risk (the topic of our recent debate).

The new SuDS manual by CIRIA is vital in driving SuDS forward in the industry and is of critical importance in combating the effects of climate change. In addition, it will become inherent to local planning strategies as a requirement for new developments.

Download the new SuDS manual from CIRIA

The new SuDS Manual (C753) is the UK’s most comprehensive SuDS guidance – and a substantial piece of work at over 900 pages – but it has been designed to be easy to navigate to relevant sections and can be downloaded from CIRIA’s website.

CIRIA should be commended for putting substantial effort into capturing the latest research, industry practice and guidance to create a “one-stop shop” for delivering SuDS.

This new guidance covers all bases and represents the essential reference point for all engineers, solutions suppliers and developers. With backing from DCLG promoting SuDS at Government level through the planning system, there is substantial momentum for achieving excellence with the right mix of cost-effective engineered and natural solutions for managing water in developments.

The new and improved manual could not have come at a better time to focus the industry around best practice.

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