How to control water flow using Wavin + Mosbaek Vortex Flow Control Valves

Our recently WRc Approved, vortex flow control valves enable precise control of stormwater discharge and can be used in a range of applications. Here’s all you need to know about how they can support your next water management project.

What is a Vortex Flow Control Valve?

A Vortex Flow Control Valve controls stormwater flow by hydraulic effect without the use of moving parts or power.

During low flow conditions, water entering through the inlet of the Vortex Flow Control Valve passes through the valve with negligible pressure drop.

During high flow conditions, a vortex flow pattern develops within the device creating an air-filled core.

This phenomenon restricts and throttles flow through the device creating back pressure immediately upstream of its discharge point. Unlike a traditional orifice plate, where an accumulation of small sized debris might cause an obstruction, a Vortex Flow Control Valve allows debris to pass through the valve due to the relatively larger flow path opening.

Wavin + Mosbaek have joined forces to offer a comprehensive range of Vortex Valves based on 50 years’ experience in developing valve solutions to suit the exact needs of any project. Vortex Valves were first invented by engineer Joergen Mosbaek Johannessen, who was credited as the first person in the world to conceive the idea of developing a water brake.

When should a Vortex Flow Control Valve be used?

Vortex Flow Control Valves can be used in a range of applications, where flow needs to be controlled, including:

  • Modular attenuation tanks (e.g. AquaCell or Q-Bic Plus)
  • Traditional attenuation tanks
  • Infiltration and/or soakaway structures
  • Discharge points from wetlands, ponds and swales

Martin Lambley, Wavin Product Manager, comments, ‘When designing a SuDS scheme, flow control will always be an important consideration. Our Valves can offer precise control of Stormwater discharge rates between 1 to >80 litres/second.’

The images below show the typical application of Vortex Flow Control Valves.

What are the benefits of Wavin + Mosbaek Vortex Flow Control Valves?

  • WRc Approved
  • Precise flow control
  • No moving parts or power requirements
  • Self-activating
  • Reduced risk of blockages compared to orifice plates
  • Integral by-pass/drain-down features allowing access for cleaning
  • Custom built
  • Manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel

WRc Approved for customer confidence

WRc Approved is an international ‘fit for purpose’ certification scheme run by WRc plc to help manufacturers like Wavin demonstrate the performance of their products and services.

Based on a robust, structured approach, to be WRc Approved means that our Vortex Flow Control Valves have successfully been tested for their quality, performance and installation.

This approval gives our customers confidence that they’re using the best possible systems.

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