Hep2O for a safe, secure plumbing installation – An alternative to copper plumbing

Copper pipe remains a hot property for thieves, with local authority housing projects among the most vulnerable targets.

Plastic systems such as Hep2O lack the scrap value that makes copper a desirable commodity for theft, but offer high-quality performance and easy installation.

Making the choice between copper or plastic plumbing

Being responsible for housing as well as a range of other buildings, local authority specifiers are faced with a complex set of factors when it comes to choosing a plumbing system which is fit for purpose.

As well as the normal parameters of cost, aesthetics and quality, they have to consider speed of installation, ease of use and security. Copper might have been the stock choice for decades, but local authorities are beginning to realise that plastic push-fit systems can also tick all the boxes.

The cost of metal theft

Despite plumbers’ loyal adherence to copper, the potential financial losses can be painful not only for developer and client, but also plumbers themselves. Metal theft is estimated to cost the UK around £770 million per year, so it’s no surprise that installers are turning to fit-for purpose flexible alternatives with no scrap value.

Hep2O for a secure installation

Push-fit systems have evolved considerably over the past 30 years and offer a secure, installer-friendly and low maintenance option for local authority new build and maintenance programmes.

As a result, systems such as Hep2O are being chosen for social housing applications instead of or alongside copper, delivering comparable performance with the added benefit of security.

Hep2O offers innovative In4Sure™ joint recognition technology which tells an installer when they have made a good connection into a fitting by producing a distinctive ‘rumble’ sensation. This feature saves installers time checking fittings and reduces the force needed to insert the pipe.

Security also means preventing unauthorised demounting, which is particularly relevant in social housing applications. Hep2O’s secure demounting feature prevents anyone except for authorised personnel with a Hep2O Hepkey™ from releasing the pipe from the fitting. Great for peace of mind.

Hep2O for flexibility

Hep2O polybutylene pipe can be easily cabled around joists and obstructions, but despite its flexibility it comes off the coil straight so it’s easy to manage on site. An additional practical benefit for installers is its light weight, which means a Hep2O coil is considerably easier and safer to carry than a similar length of copper pipe.

Mixing plastic and copper plumbing fittings

Hep2O works alongside copper with fittings accommodating existing or new copper pipe and offers fast connection even in awkward spots, meaning it’s an ideal solution for fixing leaks or extending a system.

Products go through rigorous ongoing testing at our fully accredited testing facility to demonstrate performance against pressure, temperature and loads exceeding anything found in the real world.

Plus, all Hep2O fittings and pipework come with a 50 year guarantee, offering long term reassurance.