Hep2O is supporting local community football clubs in sponsorship with BT Sport Score

Hep₂O proudly sponsoring BT Sport Score and giving away the chance to win £5,000 for your local community football club.

Do you appreciate your plumber?

Plumbers are often unappreciated, you don’t realise they’re there until you’re stuck in a real emergency. They work some of the longest hours of any industry, they often miss lunch breaks and they work through the weekend. Not all heroes wear capes; sometimes they come to the rescue of broken pipes or clogged drains.


Who is your unsung hero?

To celebrate the unsung hero, we’re asking you to nominate a local football club that makes a difference in your local community. Football clubs are more than just the coach and the team – it’s about the groundkeepers who keep everything safe, the cleaners who pick up after you, the makers of tea, the cheerleaders (even if it’s your Mum), the organisers and many more.

To bring this whole team together, you need a fully-functioning community club. Do you need an upgraded kitchen? A new washing machine? Better equipped heating facilities? Or just a bit of plumbing TLC? We’re here to make a difference, but we can’t do this without your help. So, nominate a community club in your local area and we’ll give away £5,000 worth of plumbing products including all fitting and labour.

Let’s support your local unsung heroes and give them the recognition they deserve!

Know any Unsung Heroes that need some help? We’ve got £5,000 to giveaway to one local community club. Find out more and register here.

Community club

BT Sport Score is shown on BT Sport on Saturday afternoons between 2:40pm and 5pm, so keep an eye out!

Watch our behind the scenes video of the making of our BT Sport Score advert.