Is the UK ready for the next big flood?

Flooding is currently one of the hottest topics in the UK, with the wettest winter on record in 2013/2014 and major floods of 2007 having caused even more misery for homeowners and clean-up costs totalling £1bn.

The likelihood of UK flooding

With one in six UK properties at risk of flooding, this is an issue that affects millions and is thought to cost the nation a daunting £2bn per year, including £1.2bn in damage to property. Harder to measure is the cost of lost revenue from flooded businesses and time required to bring homes back to a liveable state, not to mention the emotional trauma which flooding can cause.

Is the UK ready for the next big flood?

What's being done to reduce risk of UK flooding?

The construction and water industries have been collaborating closely with the Government and the Environment Agency over the past few years to provide a clear strategy for understanding flood risk and formulating prevention strategies. From soft and hard SuDs approaches to sophisticated warning systems for consumers, the UK is increasingly developing solutions needed to ensure that our buildings and infrastructure will be resilient to inevitable future flooding events.

The question remains, however, as to whether those preparations will be adequate and ready in time to prevent such major losses again when the next big flood hits. In addition, we must ask ourselves: who is leading the way on providing the best practice solutions, where are the knowledge gaps and how can industry learn from the experts?

Water Matters

As a leading provider of water management solutions for the UK, we’ve taken the initiative to launch Water Matters, a series of events which present in-depth investigations of the issues which remain to be addressed, as well as highlighting successful approaches.

With a panel of high profile expert speakers and guest chair Janet Street-Porter at the helm, the debate explored: The Next Big Flood: Why The UK Won’t Be Ready.

A packed audience of 100+ gathered at UBM’s headquarters in London’s Blackfriars to hear a range of views expressed on what has been achieved to make the UK resilient to the next big flood, what remains to be done, and where the responsibilities should lie for prevention and managing the risks.

We’ve published a White Paper summary of this event which you can request here.

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