What makes Wavin’s Revit content unique?

Featuring automatic routing preferences and a fully integrated Bill of Materials, our Revit content takes the hassle out of BIM by giving you a high level of detail and accuracy every time.

Here are some key features that put our Revit families ahead of the game.

Wavin is the only pipe system supplier which has built-in “intelligent assistance”

Intelligent assistance helps you to pick the right products to arrive as effectively and efficiently as possible at a full ‘as built’ design.

As we all know, the biggest challenge in a soil and waste project is often finding a solution to make an ‘as built’ design for junctions and common questions asked are:

  • Which type of junction should be used?
  • Which reducers are required?
  • Are any additional products required?

The Revit families available through our BIM Centre take all the guesswork out and will automatically create the best connection available in our product range.

A Wavin Revit package contains everything you need for a BIM project

A Wavin Revit package is a digital file which contains the information to insert one specific Wavin product range into a BIM project when using the Revit software program.

With a Wavin Revit package, you can insert a specific Soil & Waste or Heating and Cooling product range into a BIM project such as:

  • Wavin AS
  • Soil & Waste
  • Tigris K1
  • Hep2O

Every Wavin Revit family consists of three elements:

  1. The objects and intelligence
    Objects are 3D visualisations of our pipes and fittings, with an element in Revit terms being called a “Revit family”.The intelligence added to the package will automatically create the right bends and Tees and can change the direction of a bend, the eccentricity of a reducer, etc.
  2. A Bill Of Materials (Schedule)
    Our Revit packages have dedicated “schedules” for pipes as well as fittings and all products added to the project are automatically added to the Wavin pipe and fittings schedules.
  3. A “Wavin Product Check” view template
    This is a special view template to highlight any products in a project that do not exist in the Wavin product portfolio. The products which do not exist in our portfolio are shown in this view template in a red or orange colour.

Follow advice from Revit experts

Along with our comprehensive Training Manual, we’ve compiled a selection of Tips & Tricks videos to help you get the most out of your Revit content including: