Plumbers pipe up – State of the Nation results are in!

At Hep₂O, we are continually looking to better understand and support the plumbing community. That’s why we recently carried out a survey with a large selection of the UK’s plumbers, to find out what really makes them tick and perhaps more importantly, their thoughts on the current state of the trade.

86% recommend plumbing as a career

Our research revealed a whole array of things about our modern-day plumbing professionals, so we’ve selected a few of the ones we think are the most interesting (and maybe surprising!).

One of the most notable findings was that a lack of skilled workers and poor training opportunities are the most pressing concerns facing the industry. However, more than four fifths (86%) of professionals would recommend plumbing as a career – which is no doubt down to the abundance of work available and high job satisfaction. Indeed, another report backed up our findings, stating that plumbers are the happiest workers in the whole of Britain!*

*Research conducted by The Happiness Index

What do plumbers think and do?

32% see a decline in copper use

Other important insights we can take from our survey include that equipment and products used by plumbers is always improving and expanding, with 32% seeing a decline in copper use. Meanwhile when it comes to the perfect customer, it’s all about that prompt payment, with 48% of respondents saying that this is a much-appreciated quality.

Plumbers' lifestyle and stereotypes

Not only that, but we also delved in to the lives of plumbers to find out a bit about their lifestyles. Our survey depicts the modern plumber as someone who loves to spend their spare time in the great outdoors or is found grabbing a fancy bite to eat in the latest high-street restaurant. And, very interestingly, in the world of politics over a fifth (21%) would like to see renowned actor Idris Elba take on the role of Prime Minister.

However, some things do still remain the same! A cup of tea and a sandwich are plumbing professionals’ refreshments of choice, favoured by 47% and 65% respectively. And of course, football is still a plumbers’ favourite sport, with game preferred by 48% of survey participants.

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Survey winner

Out of the many plumbers that took part in the survey we selected at random a lucky winner, congratulations John Allen!