Use our HepCalc tool to plan your next underfloor heating project

With winter well underway and temperatures set to drop in the coming weeks, many homeowners are beginning to consider underfloor heating to make the colder months (and bleak mornings in particular!) that little bit more bearable.

In a matter of minutes, our online estimator HepCalc gives you a free quote and list of all the items you need for your next underfloor heating project.

Planning your next underfloor heating project

Use HepCalc to enter some key details about the project (including floor area, manifold distance, floor construction) and receive a quote and full list of materials you need which you can download as a PDF and take to your nearest stockist  before getting started. Our handy Stockist Locator will help you find your local merchant.

Hep2O underfloor heating

Hep2O underfloor heating has a comprehensive range of solutions which means that we have a variety of underfloor heating (UFH) systems for both new build and existing floors.

Hep2O underfloor heating systems provide:

• NEW 15mm range of products including staples, system plates, low build and panel systems
• Unique, adaptable manifold system
• Industry leading guarantees
• Online guidance, help and support and technical helpline

A range of systems for underfloor heating projects

We have a selection of systems to suit your next underfloor project including:

  • Staple systems – for a cost effective and flexible solution
  • System plates – preformed plastic sheets to help you space the pipe evenly
  • Low Build options – where height build up is critical in 15mm and 25mm options
  • Panel systems for joisted floors – which can be fitted between joists or batterns from above or below
  • Diffuser plates – metal plates that can be fitted on top of insulation to spread the heat

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Book your Underfloor Heating CPD now

Book one of our CPD’s today on ‘The energy efficient option for central heating’. The CPD will highlight the benefits of this efficient heating system, as well as legislative information and an overview of all Underfloor Heating ranges.